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Your home design surgeons at work.
Beautiful, reliable and functional interior design solutions, uniquely tailored to suit your needs.


Welcome to Renologist.

We are an interior design firm in Singapore offering homeowners beautiful, reliable and functional solutions that are carefully crafted to fit each and every client profile.

Our Expertise

Design Consultancy

Beautiful, innovative designs that actually perform as good as they look. This is the foundation of what we do.

Space Planning

We make spaces work for you. We plan your room layout based on your requirements down to the smallest of details.

Project Management

Orchestrating workflows across fields with precision. Our extensive experience managing cross-functional industry intricacies gives you a peace of mind.


Because substance is just as important as style. We are rooted in practicality to ensure our solutions really function as intended.


Quality that stands the test of time. All our bespoke furniture is lovingly made with excellent workmanship - no compromises.

We are design surgeons.

At Renologist, we live and breathe design while operating with integrity, professionalism and surgical precision.



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Customer Reviews

Our customers say great things about us.

WenQin Poh

17 May 2021

I have engaged Renologist as my ID as I was recommended by 2 other friends who have engaged and was very satisfied with their renovation.

Ivan has been patient and responsible to follow up with his contractors to ensure everything is completed properly. If there is any defects or any parts which is missing, he will ensure that his contractors to come down again to rectify the issues.

As itโ€™s a resale flat, there has been quite afew unexpected conditions that arose after key collection. Ivan has given great advise and helped to minimise cost, and importantly keeping within my budget.

A 5 star experience! I would highly recommend Renologist!

Hosea Leow

2 February 2021

Kudos to KC for providing exceptional professional advice and service for a repair job at my apartment. Water was leaking from the aircon and I put in a request for repairs through KC. He was prompt in responding to my request and quickly fixed up an appointment for his men to do a survey at my apartment before recommending appropriate solutions. I had thought that it was the aircon that was giving problems but KC was experienced and thorough in his job. he adviced to have the pipes checked and we got to the root of the problem. KC was patient and clear in communicating and explaining the repair work that needed to be carried out. I am actually residing in Melbourne and had requested for KC to liaise with my son in Singapore for the appointment dates. It was near the end of the year and many public holidays were approaching. in view of that, KC wasted no time and got on top of things and pushed for the work to be completed before the year end holidays. He was quick in following up with progress of the repair work and even triangulated the communications between my son, myself and the company so that we were in the loop of events. Even though I'm in Melbourne, I had peace of mind as KC displayed high levels of competency in handling the project and I had the assurance that the situation was in good hands. The most impressive part was the aftersales service. After the work was completed and all payments made, KC got in touch with me to ask for feedback. I checked with my son and found out that a bit touch up was required to seal a small gap between the aircon and the wall. I quickly got in touch with KC and he had it fixed in no time. I would like to congratulate the company for having such an outstanding member who is highly competent and committed to delivering quality services. I will definitely recommend Renologist to my family and friends. Once again, thank you KC and your team.

Muhd Yaqzan Yasin

2 November 2020

My wife and i chanced upon renologist through qanvast and i must say its a decision that we dont regret.

We liased through wayne and gabriel and they were fabulous people to work with. EVERY update was kept in touch through regular whatsapp updates. They were clear in their ideas and execution however,our demands was constantly kept in mind.

As the renovation progresses, deadlines were constantly met even with covid restrictions around. Wayne was forthcoming,honest and open with his dealings.

The final product was impecable. Wayne still comes around to check and fix any defects,Minor or major.

kudos to wayne,gabriel and renologist.

Mavis Song Thrush

15 March 2020

Gabriel and Wayne are both super amazing! They understood our requirements and design ideas we have in mind and execute it perfectly to transform it into a design worthy home.

The process was detailed and comprehensive. Starting with floor plans, then look books, visits to various vendors with a priority on function and comfort and at the same time seamlessly integrate our theme ideas to the whole layout.

Both Gabriel and Wayne listened to our wants, but also pushed our design sense to give us a designer level home. They went above and beyond to make sure we were happy, was more than willing to change original plans as needed, was incredibly responsive, and gave us the ultimate eclectic home we have always wanted!

Thank you guys so much and we totally recommend Renologist to all home owners to assist with their renovation needs! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Yingling Wei

26 June 2019

Have trusted Gabriel with both my houses and he didnโ€™t disappoint. Gave us a very good deal (most important! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ) and of course many good suggestions and sound advice when planning, and then kept us updated at each stage of the renovations. Quality and workmanship are excellent. Theyโ€™ve made my house a home. All thumbs up for the Renologist team๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Siong Kai

29 June 2019

Reliable and reasonable pricing! Checked out various Interior Designers but Wayne and Gabriel clearly stood out as the winners. Couldnโ€™t be more pleased with the final product!
We were impressed by the after-sales service too! (Eg. Tightening water pipes, touching up) Highly recommended!!!

Yin Yee Chan

25 May 2019


Lee Renkai

14 June 2019

Thanks Wayne and Gabriel for the nice renovation of my unit's bathrooms!
Appreciate the close personal attention throughout the works, accommodating my frequent design changes, helping to coordinate with different suppliers, attention to detail, and highlighting areas that I had overlooked โ€“ so invaluable when renovating a resale unit. Additional kudos for Wayne's great follow up service, assisting with additional items even long after works had been completed
Highly recommended if youโ€™re looking for a reliable, responsible and hardworking ID firm!

Edwin Aw

27 June 2019

We contracted Renologist to assist in renovating our new office. Given the tight timeline and limited budget due to the office being a rental, we definitely got more than what we expected!
The team was incredibly helpful in helping us design around our constraints, and they were quick to accede to our requests and oddities regarding the layout of the office.
During the process, due to constant changes from our previous and new landlord, the schedule fluctuated constantly, they had to balance an ever changing timeline to minimize disruption to our current operations.
Overall we are incredibly pleased with what we got, and will definitely go back to them for our future offices and personal homes.

Benjamin Tan

7 May 2019

Would like to give a big SHOUT OUT to Wayne and Gabriel from Renologist as Wayne was recommend by a close friend of mine to assist me with my home renovation.(after meeting with more than 4-5 IDs, as the other IDs gave me their own ideas instead of listening to mine-HARDCORE VERSION-)
Met Wayne and gave him an rough idea of what I want for my home during the initial stages. He did not try to put ideas into my head but did warned me that when I do go and view the tiles and colours, I am in for a big headache and he was definitely right.
His patience and knowledge really surprised me as I thought I know what I wanted. Until I visited the shops with him and then the idea I had for my home initial slowly changed for myself and still without saying anything, I asked for his advice and he suggested.
To select the vinyl I want which took me around 1 hour plus at the shop just for 2 colours. He stayed with me to mix and match the colours till I got both of what I want and after it was laid in my home, I was really pleased at the end result. . T_T
Second was the wall colour which also gave me suggestions which will better suit the vinyl I choose and I went with colours he suggested which be best suitable to match my vinyl flooring.
Lastly will be the kitchen cabinet which he took all the measurements and ask me what type of style I want or design but told him I will leave it in his hands to match it to my living room vinyl and a greyish/ash grey feel as I trust him to give the best to his customers regardless. Which I am very please after all is done up (Will upload pictures soon)
He also gives updates when the contractors will arrive and do take snap shots of the work in progress and after work to see how it is like.
IF anyone wants to get an ID to have their home done, find for Wayne and Gabriel from Renologist. Definitely will recommend to friends who wants to get their home done up nicely

Shantel T. Wong

8 October 2018

My new bto was done up by Gabriel & Wayne, both of them are easy to talk to & easy to work with. They provided us with sound & practical advice with regards to the design &practicality of the house, more importanly they're able to work within my budget. i had flooded them with lots of questions during the reno & they had given me timely solutions. will definitely recommend Gabriel & Wayne to my friends & relatives ๐Ÿ‘