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4 Sizzling Hot Decor Trends for 2020

Make 2020 the perfect year to revamp your home decor with the 4 latest sizzling hot trends!

Date Posted:1 June 2020

Authored By:Renologist

4 Sizzling Hot Decor Trends for 2020

The year 2020 could be the perfect opportunity to revamp your home decor with the latest statement-making trends. As we spend more time at home in this extraordinary year, the top home decor trends increasingly focus on designs that showcase the uniqueness and the individuality of the homeowner. This in turn reflects the homeowner's personality into his or her living space, providing a sense of comfort and wellbeing.

If you find it challenging to keep up with the myriad of interior design trends, we have got you covered! Regardless of the size of your home (or your budget), rest assured that we have something for everyone. Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the rocking home decor trends of 2020!

1. Blend of Wooden Textures and Solid Colours in Kitchen

Having an all-white kitchen has always been a popular choice. However, more and more interior designers are urging people to adopt colours in their design palette that go beyond white. 2020 is all about experimenting with colours in different areas of your home. This year, you’ll see wood-textures in kitchen cabinets blended with solid colours like navy blue, emerald green, and canary yellow. They are matched perfectly to create a two-tone kitchen that never fails to delight.

2. Geometric Patterns

The resurgence of geometric patterns is one of the upcoming 2020 interior design trends. If you look closely, you’ll notice them everywhere - from rugs to cutlery, couches to wallpapers, and lamps to chairs, throws and tiles. The deliberate use of complementary geometric shapes and patterns is perfect for making a bold statement in any area of your home.

A well-choreographed design blends geometric patterns with soft accents to avoid over-cluttering - doing it badly can invoke feelings of stress and anxiety! Also, being easy to clean and maintain, tiles are still going to be a popular medium in 2020. Wall tiles adorned with interesting patterns are great for creating a feature wall in any area of your home like hallways, living rooms, and kitchen backsplashes.

3. Colours Crowned as the New Neutrals

Over the last few years, various shades of neutrals have been a popular choice as primary wall colours all around the world. It is interesting to note that warm and bright colors are staging a strong comeback in 2020. Saturated colors, warm tones, and jewel hues are increasingly being preferred over neutrals of yesteryear to create a comfortable and welcoming home interior.

Going hand-in-hand, wallpapers of colorful patterns and floral designs are increasingly being used to create accent walls in homes in 2020. It is an affordable option to beautify the walls and add personality to your home interior!

4. Marble Sintered Slabs

For a luxurious look that never goes out of style, consider using marble sintered slabs for select pieces in your home decor. They typically come in matt or glossy surfaces and bring classical elegance to furniture or any decorative piece that they are built into. These slabs combine beauty with functionality as they do not lose their colour over time and can withstand high heat.

With their wide ranging designs, marble sintered slabs help create a new modern look in your home interior. Their non-porous and hard surface make them the preferred choice for kitchen tops, offering a durability that is unmatched by many other materials. It is a rising star in 2020 that will likely displace many other work surfaces as the medium of choice.

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