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Best Travel-Inspired Interior Design Ideas

Get the best interior design ideas from around the world - from France to Italy; from Mexico to Morocco!

Date Posted:15 May 2020

Authored By:Renologist

Best Travel-Inspired Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to deciding decor for home interior, people love to spend hours surfing the internet to find unique design styles for their homes. Well, why not! When you are surrounded by rich cultures, vibrant designs, and mesmerizing interiors, it’s great to discover your favorite interior looks from around the world and bring those styles back home.

From an open-air African porch to a luxurious Moroccan bathroom, a lot of countries are known for their own distinctive interior decor. We have ventured across the continents to prepare a list of unique interior design styles especially for you. Let's have a look at them!

1. France

The French decorate their homes in an effortlessly chic way. They like experimenting with colors in their home interior. French living rooms are famously known for their color contrasts! They are all about mixing and matching modern furniture with mid-century decor.

Most of the living rooms in France are not designed by coordinating the color and pattern of the walls to the furniture. You’ll find a lot of French houses where the same colors of the furniture fabric are painted on the walls and ceiling as well. Some of the favorite staples of French living rooms are modern club chairs, mid-century chandeliers and pendant lights.

2. Italy

Italian interior design is highly influenced by nineteenth-century architecture. Generally, they have high ceilings and spacious rooms painted in bold colors like red, navy blue or magenta which give their place an elegant and majestic touch. Most of the Italian homes are popular for their royalty-inspired and classic interior design. Italians pay extra attention to their bedrooms when decorating their homes.

Bedrooms in Italy are known for their rich colors and exotic mix of patterns that create a luxurious feel in the room. You’ll see unique candle stands, vases, ancient paintings, heavy curtains, accent chairs, linear sofas, and other decorative items in the Italian bedrooms to amp up the design. The highly traditional Italian-inspired bedroom theme is uncommon these days as it requires much maintenance, with most preferring to opt for minimalistic and modern decor in their bedrooms these days.

3. Mexico

If you love rustic furnishings, bright colors, and Native American influences, you might consider Mexican interior for your home. Mexicans love to paint their homes in bright colors like yellow, green or orange to create a happy and welcoming place.

The kitchen is usually the busiest and most captivating room in Mexican home. Mexicans love to decorate it with rich traditional elements like bright-colored ceramic tiles, local craft, and handmade furniture. A charcoal burning stove is set up in a long horseshoe-shaped counter.

Besides that, an iron rack is used for holding spoons and wooden racks with decorative edges are used for storing jars of corns, cloves, and cinnamon sticks.

4. Morocco

We hear a lot about Moroccan interior. It’s famous for its rich cultural traditions and history. The Moroccan interior design is characterized by pronounced arches, intricate carvings, graceful canopies, and minimalistic window design. The Moroccan bathrooms are no less in this aspect.

They create a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for a wonderful spa retreat right in the heart of your comfortable home. Concrete walls, canopies over bathtubs, custom-crafted ceilings, patterned rugs, intricate mirror frames, fancy candle lanterns, arch-shaped doors & windows, metallic accents, and earthy hues are some widely-seen elements in the Moroccan bathrooms.

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