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Does Cheap Mean Good?

Does cheap really mean good? What should potential customers look out for? Find out more!

Date Posted:15 August 2019

Authored By:Renologist

Does Cheap Mean Good?

In life, we all want the best deals at the lowest price. This is fairly straightforward if we are comparing apples to apples. However, deciphering renovation quotations can get quite complex as we look to obtain meaningful comparisons. The complexity is accentuated when multiple quotations are delivered in different formats by different companies.

While it is undeniable that price, to an extent, can be pegged to quality, the average homeowner may end up feeling disappointed if they consider the price point as the sole deciding factor. We must always be aware of marketing gimmicks - when things sound too good to be true, they probably are. If you look at the fine print under the Terms and Conditions, you may be surprised to find highly restrictive clauses. It is worse if some of the fine print comes at the expense of quality work. Therefore, it is imperative to fully understand, in clear detail, the materials, timeline and workmanship to determine how much you might be willing to pay, or compromise, for your new renovation project.

In summary, there is no one size that fits all. Most importantly, it is about tailoring the project to fit your buget, requirements and personal preferences. Well of course, there might be situations where you might be looking for a budget fix with quality and workmanship taking a backseat. However, at Renologist, we strongly believe in taking the effort to craft a quality home that truly fits your lifestyle and budget requirements. After all, your home is the one true space you can be excited to return to; one where you can relax, unwind and rejuvenate after a hectic day at work. Our professional interior designers can support you in your journey to discover what is best for you in terms of style, projected expenses, and needs. Submit a request and get connected with us today!

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