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Design Themes

Find out more about various design themes our customers draw inspiration from!

Date Posted:1 August 2019

Authored By:Renologist

Design Themes


As the name implies, the Industrial theme gets its inspiration from old factories, warehouses and industrial spaces. The raw and unfinished feel usually takes the form of exposed bricks, pipes and concrete flooring. The fittings that accompany the look includes vintage light bulbs, metal ducts and wooden furniture. Essentially, it is a refreshed combination of modern sleekness and old-world charm. The colour palettes can gradient from bold black, white hues, brown tan to cement grey.


The most accentuating characteristic of Scandinavian interior design is the prominent use of white and wood-grain finishing in its design. This design often integrates natural light and is suitable for rooms with high ceilings and big bay windows.

The overriding concepts of Scandinavian themes are functionality and simplicity. They are also characterized by minimal colour palettes and accessories, combined with maple wood furniture to create a cosy yet spacious look.

In recent years, there is an increasing popularity in modern Scandinavian design as well. This is an extension of the traditional Scandinavian design by incorporating grey tones and varying shades of brown into the colour palette.


Modern design is an interpretation of design elements employed during the 20th century. It typically depicts simplicity yet modern sleekness in multiple aspects, including furniture. With simplicity, we mean clean, straight lines with no additional details covering from the shape of the room to furniture. With “less is more”, shelves are often built-in to prevent cluttering of the room. The use of polished metal, chrome finishes and mirrors fit particularly well into a house with modern design.


Contemporary describes a design that is "current, here and now". Contemporary design today may not be considered contemporary 5 to 10 years later. It is an ever-changing design ideology that juxtaposes the other mainstream themes which are often fixed and specific. It is somewhat similar to Modern design, but while the latter explicitly emphasizes clean, straight lines, the former may involve using curves.

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